the role of a physical therapist after an injury or accident

Mar 31, 2021

|Personal Injury Guru


What is the role of physical therapy after an injury? In this week’s episode of The Personal Injury Guru, David Papa sits down with Carmine Chioccariello, a physical therapist in St. Petersburg, Florida, to discuss common injuries and pains for which people seek out physical therapy. Dr. Chioccariello explains the different focuses and aims of physical therapy: the “feel better” phase is geared toward managing pain and controlling symptoms, and it entails things like massage, stretching, and soft tissue work (also known as passive modalities). The next phase, which he calls the key to long-term success, consists of strength-building through exercise.

From long standing aches and pains to recovery after a serious surgery, physical therapy can be a necessary step in numerous recovery scenarios. Whether you’re in immediate recovery from an injury or have a lingering pain that won’t go away after an accident, seeing a physical therapist you can trust to come up with an effective treatment plan is a great call. To learn more about the role of physical therapy, make sure to listen to Dr. Chioccariello.

If you were involved in an accident or otherwise received an injury and are considering getting physical therapy, David Papa is here to help you navigate all of your options. Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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