The Role of First Responders at an Accident Scene

Mar 29, 2021 | Personal Injury Guru

There is no overplaying the role of first responders at an accident scene: in the crucial minutes following a car accident, the first responders who arrive are often tasked with making a series of life-altering decisions. Whether you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident or you’re simply looking to be as prepared as possible in the face of one, the role of first responders following an accident is a useful perspective to understand. This week, David Papa is joined by EMT and Clearwater Fire Rescue Department Lieutenant Drew Eddinger to talk through how first responders approach the scene of an accident.

First responders like firefighters, EMTs, and police officers are often the ones who make some of the most important decisions immediately following an accident. Beyond saving the lives of anyone who has been seriously injured, these professionals must make a series of important logistical decisions: directing traffic, securing debris-ridden areas, documenting the damages, and arranging for all of the damage to be cleared away. Watch as David and Drew talk through what goes on at the scene of an accident from a first responder’s perspective and garner a more thorough understanding than ever of how to stay alert and organized in the face and wake of an unexpected accident.

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