what to expect from seeing a chiropractor after an accident

March 30, 2021

|Personal Injury Guru


A car doesn’t have to be completely totaled in order for those involved in an accident to sustain serious injuries. Even fender benders can lead to injuries that require medical attention. Today, Dr. Bill Lichter, a practicing chiropractor for over 31 years, sits down to talk to David Papa all about injuries following an accident. If you were involved in an accident that didn’t damage your car much but led to personal injuries, it’s common to experience pushback from insurance adjusters. This, along with your health and well-being, is why it’s important to see a medical professional after even a small accident.

What can you expect when seeing a chiropractor after an accident? First off, you’ll likely fill out a complete health history. This will help your doctor to put not only your immediate needs into perspective, but to get a clear picture of what kinds of treatment your long-term health may benefit from. To learn about what to expect from a chiropractor, how to choose a trustworthy chiropractor, and how to navigate chiropractic care after an accident, be sure to check out the entire episode.

If you’ve experienced an injury in a car accident, you deserve to get justice – even if your car is in good shape. Schedule a free one-on-one consultation with David Papa to review your options.

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