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Apr 6, 2021

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Serious spine injuries are dreaded far and wide, and for good reason: sustaining a spine injury can be a serious trauma, and if this has happened to you, the most important thing to remember is that information is power. Because of this, David Papa sits down with Dr. Ashraf Ragab, founder of Tampa Bay’s Comprehensive Spine Institute, to talk through common spine injuries and treatments, as well as what patients can expect from recovery. If you or a loved one are struggling with a spine injury, then this episode is a must-watch.

The basic structure of the spine is as follows: bony vertebrae are lined up vertically, with softer disks – which serve as shock absorbers – in between them. The spine is also home to millions and millions of nerves, as well as joints that enable movement. The complexity of the spine – and its importance for general motor function – make spinal injuries a serious concern for patients and doctors alike. One of the most common spinal injuries that occurs is a disk herniation, which can take a variety of degrees of severity: bulging, protrusion, and extrusion. Your spine’s natural curvature and alignment are crucial; when fractures and dislocations happen during an accident, that alignment is messed up, which can place the sensitive nerves of the spine under a lot of stress. For this reason, neurosurgeons and spine specialists act quickly in order to give patients the highest possible quality of care following a spinal injury. If you’re concerned about a spinal injury that you or a loved one have sustained, be sure to listen through Dr. Ragab’s expert insights in this episode.

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