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Apr 2, 2021

|Personal Injury Guru


What happens if you need surgery after an accident? Which medical professionals are right by your side every step of the way? On today’s podcast, David Papa chats with Amanda Goods, a surgical nurse with experience helping hundreds of people recover from surgery. She chats about the process of recovery after surgery, giving listeners an idea of what to expect during the high-stress, sometimes-disorienting post-surgery process.

Serious car accidents can lead to countless kinds of injuries – and, as a result, countless kinds of surgeries. Though the exact process varies, David Papa’s approach is the same: checking in on his clients’ recovery, ensuring that all of the appropriate billing documentation and other documents are collected, and checking in on the client’s health every step of the way. For Nurse Goods and her team, it’s important to be adaptable to each patient’s unique situation while still maintaining an unwavering standard of care. To learn more about what to expect from nursing and surgery after an accident, make sure you check out the full episode.

If you were recently in an accident or otherwise injured and required surgery, make sure you get the legal guidance you need to make it through the process as smoothly as possible. David Papa is here to help. Click here to schedule a free consultation with him

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