Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Claim

If you’ve suffered from someone else’s neglect, you could benefit from having a lawyer on your side. Here’s what attorney David A. Papa can do for you.


The Justice You Deserve

As a community, we all have a responsibility to prevent injuring other people, but sometimes accidents happen, and that can result in someone getting hurt. If you’ve been harmed due to someone’s neglect, you are entitled to the best legal care to get you the justice you deserve. At Papa Injury Law, we specialize in personal injury cases and we want to help you get the best outcome after your accident. Here’s how we can help you move forward.

Laws to Protect You

If you’ve been in an accident, personal injury laws are designed to protect you when you are injured or harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally due to someone’s negligence, international actions, or failure to act. These laws allow you to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party to receive compensation for all damages or losses resulting from your accident. To get the settlement you need, your best option is to hire a personal injury lawyer like David A. Papa.

    Why Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

    To file for your personal injury claim, the burden of proof falls on you. That means you have to prove the other party is responsible for your injuries. While personal injury laws protect you in the case of an accident, there are also laws and tactics working against you to protect businesses and insurance companies and prevent you from receiving the settlement you deserve. You might be faced with challenges like lowball offers, the other party using your statements against you, bad faith, and more. For these reasons, you need an experienced personal injury law attorney to protect you and show the at-fault party should be held responsible for negligence.

    How David A. Papa Can Help You Move Forward

    We understand you and your family are trusting us to get you the legal help you need when you come to us. That is why we won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. We will fight for the settlement you need to help you and your family regain stability, help you recover financially, and find closure. Even if that means taking your case to trial, we’re prepared to do so if that means the best outcome for you.

    Fighting Against Denied Insurance Claims

    Another common tactic for insurance companies to use against you is to reject your insurance claim even if it is justified. If your car insurance company does this after your New Tampa auto accident, they can be held liable for investigating your claim in bad faith. Then we can file a complaint against them, and they will have to pay you punitive damages.

    Rejecting Low Offers

    One tactic insurance companies love to use is to offer a very low offer quickly after your auto accident. They do this because you are in a vulnerable position, and they can use that to their advantage to settle your claim quickly and cheaply. David A. Papa knows that this amount won’t be enough to pay for your expenses now or in the future, and will negotiate for a higher payout.

    Proving You’re Not At Fault

    We’ve all heard that insurance rates go up after a car accident, but in Florida, we have laws against that. However, if you are at fault, your insurance company can still increase your rates. David A. Papa can protect you against higher rates by proving the other driver is at fault and that you deserve a proper amount from your insurance claim.

    Our Areas of Practice

    Every personal injury law practice has its area of specialties. At Papa Injury Law, we cover personal injuries associated with or caused by:

    When you are hurt, your focus should be on recovery, but often you also have to deal with insurance companies, financial stress, time off work, and more. It can be extremely difficult to navigate a personal injury case on top of that, which is why we’re here to ease that burden. If you’ve been injured in any of these instances, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help.


    Legal Care With a Personal Approach

    At Papa Injury Law, we believe that everyone should have access to quality legal care, which is why we provide it. Unlike larger law firms, we know that the key to providing the best outcome is to build a solid client-attorney relationship. For each case, we emphasize meeting clients face to face and being available to you 24/7. Whenever and wherever you need our help, we’re always just one phone call away.

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