i was traumatized by a car accident and dont know what to do to get justice heres everything you should know right now about how to proceed

Aug 27, 2021

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Car accidents can shake up your entire world, and it's completely valid to be traumatized by a car accident. There are lots of resources out there about how to get care for bodily injuries sustained in an accident. However, oftentimes, the trauma from an accident goes beyond the physical. Your mental and emotional scars are just as legitimate and worthy of attention as your physical ones, and our mission is to help every client get connected with the resources they need to get help and get justice. If you were emotionally or mentally scarred by a car accident and are wondering what your next steps are, we're here to help. . Keep reading to learn more. Please remember that the information in this article is intended for educational purposes only.

Health is More than What's on the Surface

Though physical injuries do receive the most immediate attention after a car accident (as they should), the most damaging injuries can be the invisible ones. Whether you sustained any physical injuries or not, the mental and emotional trauma you experience following a car accident is legitimate and worthy of help. Too often, accident survivors can feel lost and alone as they deal with the emotional fallout of an accident. These emotional scars can be made worse by feeling as though your psychological trauma isn't "enough" to justify seeking justice following an accident when, in reality, that just isn't true. Your mental and emotional injuries are very real, and they should be both treated by a professional and taken into consideration if you choose to pursue legal action.

Seeking Treatment

It can be difficult to take the step to get treatment if you were traumatized by a car accident, but it is highly advisable to seek out a professional who can help you process what happened. If you're not sure about where to start, it's a good idea to speak to your insurance provider about the mental health resources they cover. If you do not have insurance or your insurance does not cover mental health treatment, look into affordable options in your community. If you are already in counseling to help deal with trauma after being in an accident, remember that you can seek justice to cover these costs.

Work with an Attorney Who Cares

Working with a great personal injury attorney isn't just about working with someone who can advocate for you in negotiations and in court. It's about finding someone who truly cares about doing right by you and your family, which includes helping you prioritize your psychological well-being. In over 20 years of advocating for survivors of accidents and injuries , David A. Papa has built up an extensive network of specialists in every area of the personal injury world. This includes physicians, physical therapists, massage therapists, nurses, and mental health professionals. We are happy to connect our clients with professionals who can aid them along the road to recovery, no matter what that looks like for them. Whether you choose to work with us or not, make sure that your attorney is there for you and is able to connect you with resources like these to help you move forward as healthily as possible.

Speak to an Attorney

If you are interested in seeking justice after a car accident, it can be daunting to think about where to even start. This is just one of the many reasons why your best bet is to speak to an attorney with experience in the personal injury field. An attorney will help you navigate every step of the process, and that doesn't just mean being your legal advocate. A great attorney will also be able to connect you with an assortment of professionals, like physicians, masseuses, physical therapists, counselors, and therapists who can help you deal with the mental, emotional, and physical effects of the accident. The best attorney isn't just the person who can get you favorable legal results (though, of course, that's essential) – they're also the person who cares about making sure that you're set up for a successful psychological and physical recovery.

It doesn't take physical injuries to have a legitimate case when seeking justice for an accident. If you were traumatized in a car accident, you deserve to find professionals who can help you recover – and to work with an attorney who is committed to helping you get justice. To learn more about what that means, you are welcome to schedule a free consultation with David A. Papa.


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