protecting your delivery business is about more than great insurance heres what else you need

Nov 17, 2021

|Auto Accidents


What's the best way to go about protecting your delivery business? Running a successful delivery-based business is as much about keeping your team safe as it is about keeping your customers happy. When it comes to safety, preparation and proactivity are key. Today, we're going over some of the most useful precautions you can take now to set your business up for safety and success in the long run. Please note that this is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice. Let's go ahead and dive in.

Vet Your Drivers

The best way to keep your drivers safe is to only hire safe drivers in the first place, and the best way to guarantee this is to conduct a background check on every person you're considering bringing onto your team. If possible, hire individuals with driving records that are as close to pristine as possible. Look out for serious offenses or neglectful behavior, including DUIs, reckless driving, and other similar issues. Always go with drivers who have a demonstrated track record of safety in order to minimize your liabilities and protect your peace of mind.

Training Never Ends

Training shouldn't end after a team member's first week on the job. Be sure to have regular evaluations and training sessions for all of your drivers to ensure that your standards of safety never slip. Whether that means utilizing a software that helps track your drivers, placing safety notification phone numbers on every company vehicle, or simply conducting random inspections of all vehicles, make sure you're always on top of your team to protect them and your business. On top of that, have annual training to make sure that company policies are familiar to your drivers – and, as a result, consistently upheld. Incentivize your customers to leave feedback about the timeliness of their deliveries and their overall experience with your company so that you understand how the experience is from both the delivery and the recipient's side.

Understand the Benefits of a Great Lawyer

It's always a good idea to be proactive about setting up a relationship with a trusted personal injury attorney. Being prepared for the worst-case scenario isn't catastrophizing; it's a good business practice. A reliable PI lawyer won't just advocate on your employees' behalf if they are injured while on the job; that lawyer also will have access to a wide network of professionals who can help get your employee and your business back on track after an accident. From mechanics to massage therapists, to physicians, to mental health specialists, having access to a network of vouched-for, reliable professionals now will help make the aftermath of an accident so much easier. Don't hesitate to set up a consultation with an attorney you can trust so that they can assist you in putting a plan in place for the worst-case scenarios.

Protecting your delivery business is about being proactive and prepared, and working with a great personal injury attorney is a great way to make sure you are both of those. If you're interested in making sure solid procedures are in place for your business in the event of an accident, we're here to help. Set up a free consultation with us by clicking here.


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